Episode 3 – Rodney Sharman

On this episode, Adrian Verdejo interviews Vancouver-based composer and flutist Rodney Sharman

 Rodney discusses his activities since the start of the pandemic, some of his works-in-progress and recently completed pieces. The composer reflects on his early introduction to music, and his course of studies with Murray Adaskin, Morton Feldman, Brian Ferneyhough and more.

Adrian and Rodney reflect on their past collaborations, and how the composer approaches writing for instruments and performers.

We listen to a premiere recording of a new work “Missing You” for alto flute and guitar, as performed by the Mark Takeshi McGregor and Adrian Verdejo. The piece was commissioned by the McGregor-Verdejo Duo with financial assistance from the Canada Council of the Arts. http://www.rodneysharman.com

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