Episode 1 – Jordan Nobles, Mark Takeshi McGregor, Dorothea Hayley, Corey Hamm

On the first episode of the Redshift Radio podcast, Adrian Verdejo introduces himself and the show. He gives us a brief history of his experience with the Redshift Music Society, and his vision for this podcast.

We hear an interview with composer Jordan Nobles and flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor, founders of Redshift Music Society. They further discuss its origins, as well as milestone concerts, memorable events, and the development of Redshift Records. Jordan and Mark discuss their recent activities, including the Unaccompanied online concert series, and future plans amidst the changing landscape of the cultural scene in Canada.

Adrian sits down with soprano Dorothea Hayley, they discuss the various ways in which she has adapted her artistic practice since the pandemic started. We hear her recent performance of Christopher Reiche’s Postcard Pieces for the Unaccompanied video series co-presented by the Canadian Music Centre.

We discuss her performance of John Cage’s The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs for the Little Chamber Music Series’ Isolation Commissions, and her long fascination with the music of Cage. Dory discusses her upcoming programming, and the recording project that has been occupying her time recently.

Adrian interviews Nicole Ge Li (Erhu) and Corey Hamm (Piano) they discuss their history as a duo, and writing for this unique instrumental grouping. They talk about their new album on Redshift Records (PEP Volume 3), we listen to some of their new recordings of works by composers Gao Ping and Somei Satoh, we discuss their future plans, and more!

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Featured Compositions on this Episode:
Air – Jordan Nobles
Performer: Mark Takeshi McGregor, 16 Bass Flutes (19:35)
Available on Redshift Records!

Grace Period – Jeffrey Ryan
Performer: Liam Hockley, Clarinet (49:32)
Available on Redshift Records!

Postcard Pieces – Christopher Reiche
Performer: Dory Hayley, Soprano (1:10:25)
Check out the video!

Hu Yan – Gao Ping  Mvts I-III (1:45:16) Mvt VI (2:23:45)
Birds in Warped Time II – Somei Satoh (2:07:47)
Performers: PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) – Nicole Ge Li (Erhu) and Corey Hamm (Piano)
Download their new album!

Detach – Monica Pearce
Performer: Angela Schwarzkopf, Harp
Download her new album!